Positive Life

About the Photo:  I was so glad that my oldest took a walk with me around the lake today.  She was in a bad mood; mad that things weren’t going her way before 7:30AM, and though she initially said “no” through a pout under her covers, she thought twice about it and decided to join me.  We saw ducks with baby-blue bills, red winged black birds, a ton of tadpoles all in one place causing the water to jump and glitter, geese peeking up above the grasses as an example of how NOT to camouflage in your surroundings, residents riding horseback and blue dragonflies flirting with one another … among other things.  This time around the lake we made note of how one side of the lake always has more butterflies…and when we paid even more attention, we saw why!  They loved these cone flowers that were right on the water, almost like water lilies….something we hadn’t looked close enough to see before.  They have these beautiful pink buds that leave a little splatter of pink on the white petals upon opening and revealing its nectar cone.  I am trying to trust that behind the “I miss my old room”, “I miss our old house” and “I wish we lived in the other house” comments is something that she just isn’t ready to acknowledge quite yet.  I saw how nature cured her today, how it set her on the right foot for taking on the rest of the day.  I saw how much fun she had behind my camera, and heard how much she is already learning about the birdcalls and how the wind can be seen in both in the trees and in the water.  I am trusting that even if she never says the words, “I love it here”, that she is benefiting in a pretty awesome way, from all that dances right before her very eyes out here in the country.  

 © Houseman 2013