Week 43 | Creative Work of Mothers


This week … make art.  Create something. With your hands.  Even if it’s a tree house in the back yard.  This is how we stay connected to the women and the mother within. 

-Shawn @ AA/P52

I can always find my creative self in nature; my QuotePics are proof of that.  

Monday started off creatively with a rainbow that followed me to work.  I know I’m not the only one who finds magic in a rainbow. 

But this week I started a project that needs to be done on Saturday, for the end-of-the-year soccer party.  It’s not one I’m doing because I’m the Team Mom, but because I have really grown to love these kids.

They each have their own personality.  Their own style.  Their own reasons to smile.  Their own reasons to cry.  Their own way of releasing energy.  

My gift for the team is something home made that involves me painting on wood, some Mod Podge, and a picture I’ve taken of them during the season.

And while I have so many things going on this week, there is something about each aspect of this project that has made it one that I don’t dread doing.

Painting on Wood

I can’t help but to think of my father and his father when a project calls for something wooden and some paint.  My father’s grandfather was a sign painter — something I did not know (or was it that I finally paid attention?) until I was an adult.  But it helped to explain the many pieces of art around my home growing up, that my father had made, and that were created out of wood and then painted by his hand.  

Mod Podge

It glues, it seals, it adds texture, it multitasks…what more could a mother ask for?


I have taken over 2000 pictures of the team this year.  Yeah.  That’s not a typo.  So, I tried to find the best one of each individual player to use in this project.  Her sweet smile.  His grin when he finally scored a goal.  His mischievously playful smirk.  His joyful energy beaming from his smile.  His classic two thumbs up at his Mom.  Her fist pump.  Her characteristic gallop.  His stoic steadiness.  His serious face that would turn to a smile when giving a hug, and a frown when he didn’t want to play.  

I think a part of me cherishes this team so much because they are so pleasantly oblivious to the pressures that may arise in the years ahead.  Their authentic desire to have fun is all that you feel from them.  And it’s contagious.  

And so my gift is really to thank them, for allowing me the pleasure of benefiting from their spirits.  

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