Week 42 | Enjoy the Journey


…play close attention to the journey you are on … write a list of all the ups and downs, happy moments and sad and the silly.  Keep a running record of these things because this is YOUR journey to enjoy and remember. 

-Shawn @ AA/P52

She's halfway learned to tie her shoes (-up-). 

She's talking a bit less about boys(-up-).

They had to go potty 4 times in one sitting at the restaurant (-grrrr-).

She can't wait to start her homework (-hopeful-).

She no longer cries, or pretends to start to cry, or even acts like she's sad when I drop her off at preschool (-elation-).

They're singing their Halloween songs that they are learning in school (-joy!-).

"Mom, you don't have to tell me that, I already know" (-damn, she's right-). 

The lying on the store-room floor as we waited in check-out as has never happened before, despite my firm requests for her to get up (-puzzlement-). 

The give-and-take that occurs when they play nicely together (-the good stuff-).

The ease with which she let me pick her up off the floor; to my surprise she put her head on my shoulder: frustration gives to understanding (-ooohhhhh, it’s 2 hours past her nap-).

How she takes pride in putting her clothes away by herself (-quiet delight-).

"Mom, you are hurting my heart" (-thunk-).

The way she hustles up and down the soccer field (-pride-).

The excitement in her squeal(s) when she saw them at the door (-the best-).

The look on her face, mouth gaping, as she pointed to her Magi through her classroom door (-the other best-). 

"I love you, Magi", "I love you, Pagi".  And the other one echoes the sentiment -(I get it-).

 © Houseman 2013