Week 4 | Rise Early


Rise early and see what greets you. Follow your natural flow to do anything you want. It’s your time. Make the best of it. Do not spend that time on other people. Spend it on yourself.  

--Shawn @ AA/P52

Well.  Here it is. I see what they are doing here.  They started out Week 1 with Sleep...now they figure we should have caught up enough to wake up early.

It just so happens that this was my plan...just hadn’t committed in my head to starting it this week.  Until now. 

I’ve done it on accident.  Gotten up for another reason and couldn’t go back to sleep.  And it turned out to be the best accident possible.  

I am not a morning person; though I’d say I’m no longer a night owl either  (nothing like parenthood to cure that hooo-hooo).  I love sunrises.  I love the stillness, the quiet, the early-bird activity outside, but I cannot get myself to wake up earlier than I “have” to.  

So...on this Sunday night...I commit to waking up earlier.  What have I got to loose?

Update: It took a progression over a week or two, but being disciplined about going to bed earlier, helps make the morning transition of getting up eariler, better.  I can say that it has made a tremendous difference for me, and gives the quiet in my soul time to be heard.  It hasn’t been every day that I’ve risen early, I’m not perfect.  But I’m finding I miss it on the days it just doesn’t work out.  

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