Week 39 | Lose Yourself in the Moment

Today I want to loose myself in the moment ...Isn't this what it means to stay awake?  To live fully?  To embrace the moment?  To do what we love?  To be ourselves wholly and completely? 

Shawn @AA/P52

I could write about losing myself kicking the ball around with my youngest, while the oldest was practicing on the adjacent field.  In my work slacks and shoes, in the sweatshirt my husband let me have because the wind was surprisingly cold.  I could talk about how she giggled when I took it away from her, how she loved to tell me where to stand and when to kick it, and how she loved when it accidentally rolled down the hill so she could chase it.

I could write about watching my oldest stand outside her school, waiting for her friends to show up.  It was picture day, and she looked so pretty in her new birthday dress, hair curled, chapstick on.  She's getting older, I thought.  She's reaching the age where my memory starts to kick in of my own elementary school days.  I took a picture of us, and it is one of my favorites of just her and I together.  

But last weekend, the hubbs and I got a sitter and went out to dinner.  It had been too long.  I embraced every moment of it.  

Uninterrupted conversation.  

Delicious food.  

Wine we had forgotten was our local favorite.  

We took our time eating.  

No potty breaks, no cutting up someone else's dinner before eating my own.  

Listening, really being able to listen. 

That was the kind of losing myself that reminded me where this all started, how it all began.  

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