Week 37 | Creating a Space for Stillness

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Whatever it is.  Wherever it is.  Make it your own.  Create that sacred space for your hopes and dreams -- and big deep breaths.

-Shawn @ AA/P52

Shawn has emphasized this in the Abundant Mama Project and I hand't considered it until then.  

And I knew I wanted to find something for my side of the bed, a side table-of-sorts, but I wanted to be able to hold some things just for me.  My books, a few important items.

I found just the piece at an antique store for cheaper than I could have done drawers with mounted shelves above.   Much cheaper, in fact. 

And it was freshly painted in an beautiful shade of blue green which does not match my bedroom whatsoever.  

I spent about a month going into the store, seeing if it was still there, seeing if it was still begging me to be bought.  

And finally one day, I ran it past the hubbs and he picked up for me that same day. 

And as it would turn out, it was perfect.

Three drawers on the bottom, a secretary, a smaller drawer, a (book) shelf, then a glass cabinet on the very top.   So much space to hold that which I want to remember, display, contain, refer to, obtain from.  

This picture reveals only one section:  a few of my favorite books, a home-made picture of my girls and I from my sister-in-law, a vase gifted to me by a dear friend, an elephant with a baby elephant inside it's ornamental belly that struck a chord with me while pregnant, a beautiful and simple jewelry dish from my Mom holding my favorite pearls from my sister…all on a bookshelf no more than 24 inches wide.

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