Week 35 | Choose Joy

May you choose JOY during the brief moment when a breeze blows through the windows and you have to stop and just feel it.  May you choose JOY in that moment when your child asks to do your hair and you really don't want to look like one of the Sesame Street characters, again.  May you choose JOY in that moment when you look hard at yourself and who you've become and how far you've traveled.  May you choose JOY in that moment when a hot cup of tea steams down your throat, easing everything aching inside.  Every single second of our day offers a choice.

-Shawn @ AA/P52

I chose Joy when I saw my daughter's sleeping foot peaking out from under her blankie.

I chose Joy when I ate a rice crispy treat and thought I really need to make them with my daughters.  Oh, and I chose Joy in how it tasted, too.  

I chose Joy while I watched my daughter use the eraser of her pencil for the first time. 

I chose Joy when I listened to music "reawy" loud in the truck on the way home from dinner. 

I chose Joy when she needed that extra hug at night. 

I chose Joy when he brought me a water.

I chose Joy when I watched her try on her new soccer shoes.  The first and fifth time.

I chose Joy while watching her carefully try to match her shirt to her shorts, for 20 minutes.  Again. 

I chose Joy when they, somewhat loudly, recited a part of their new favorite movie in public.

I chose Joy when I felt the difference in 5 degrees, with a breeze, this evening.  My daughters noticed it too, and chose Joy.

I chose Joy when I saw the sliver of a moon tonight, even though it hid from me when I got my camera.  

I was Joy, watching my daughter in her first soccer game today.  

 © Houseman 2013