Week 33 | Be Playful

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BE PLAYFUL.  BE SILLY.  HAVE FUN.  ENJOY LIFE.  SMILE MORE.  LAUGH MORE.   This is the ultimate staying awake tip.  What playful thing will you do this week that totally surprises your family -- and yourself?

-Shawn @AA/P52

I had the pleasure of having my sister and her two sons down for 5 days.   I could write a post on how much I love being in her presence, how she brings me so much comfort and familiarity and peace.  How watching our kids together, meeting each other's glance every now and then to say that which needs no words, brings me unmeasurable joy.  

But, back to play.

We played Hide-and-Seek, in the house due to heat and humidity outside, probably 3 times in those 5 days.  My sister mentioned, on our way to the airport that they don't play it much at home…which is funny, because I thought they were offering it as an idea because they did it all the time.  So I, somewhat begrudgingly yet trying to be open and playful agreed to partake in the fun that I thought was commonplace in their home.  

And I ended up having fun,  3 times in 5 days.  

And what made me giggle was to think she too, probably somewhat begrudgingly, agreed to play, thinking it was something we do all the time (truth: maybe once a month).   The kids, doing what kids do best, brought out the play in us.  


We signaled with funny calls when they weren't finding us quickly enough.

We hid in obvious places and watched the kids giggle when we acted so surprised they found us.

We pretended to be surprised to find my oldest hiding in the same place my sisters oldest hid last time (and smiled at her gleeful delight when *struggled* to find her).

We scratched our heads when the oldest cousin actually hid very well.

We laughed.

We found the baby smiling and giggling in a basket sitting next to his Mama getting a kick out of herself

I hid under a bed sheet with my youngest smiling and telling each other to shhhhh in the most oxymoronic of ways.

We played.  

 © Houseman 2013