Week 32 | Embrace What Matters

When you're feeling tired like you aren't sure you can make it through, take a really deep breath and repeat this: Another day to get it right.  Another day to make someone's day.  Another day to model letting go.  Another day to embrace what matters.

-Shawn @AA/P52

A lot has happened in these past two weeks, big life moments and big routine changes.

So many questions I had leading up to my oldest's first day of Kindergarten, questions that I felt weren't being answered quickly enough, particularly for this rookie-mom with a child going into Elementary School needing way too much preparation in order to handle this life transition with any bit of grace. 

I could not help but to embrace what mattered on Wednesday, when my husband and I sat in the back of the classroom, watching our daughter listen attentively to her new teacher's instructions on how to sit on the mat, with their hands crossed in their lap.  Her teacher, oh thank goodness for these teachers, was so good at what she did.  I was captivated by her ability to exude so much capability, knowledge, skill, playfulness, energy and experience in such a short amount of time.  The frog in my throat, this time, was for the amazing year Maycee had in front of her.

And then there was Hadley, who had waltzed into preschool and waved me away the week prior, but who was struggling this week.  Not just with drop-offs but with life in general.  It's easy to forget as the older one gets older, how a 3 year old expresses her difficulty with transition.  Not just by crying as you leave, but by whining, and needing extra attention at nap time and bed time and boo-boo time and play time and meal time. 

I focused on embracing her a bit more than her whines usually earn.  

The pictures above were ones I took this week, consciously aware of myself embracing the moment.  That no matter what I worry about, no matter what they worry about, the fact that we have each other will always prevail.  

 © Houseman 2013