Week 31 | Surrender to Daily Routines

This week, surrender to routine.  Surrender to those moments that happen every day, maybe twice a day, maybe three times a day.  Meals.  Diaper changes.  Weeding.  Watering.  Kissing boo-boos.  Picking up toys.  Folding and hanging towels that were left on the floor.  What routine will you surrender to this week? 

-Shawn @ AA/P52    

I didn't do this one very well.  I can usually use Shawn's Project 52 Prompts as weekly intentions to help put the focus on something wholesome, good and mindful.  But last week, my focus was off.  

The little human girly shoes left out in pathways where I walk seemed like they were laughing at me as I tripped over them -- five and six times this weekend.  A curt request to put them away followed, and I became a broken record.  

I don't like being a broken record, and it usually means there is a solution to preventing the issue in the first place.  I think its time for a schedule/chore list.  Hmmm.

We did tackle the laundry like it was The Opponent, though, which is a bit beyond surrendering, I understand.  When we pull out the black face paint to streak under our eyes and make ourselves some team jerseys, please worry.  

But ...

A new friend posted on Instagram today, something that I feel fits this prompt better than I am able to this week.  

She posted a picture with 

{a chair by her countertop}

{a basket of toys left out} 

and the following caption for her picture:  


"These things remind me today how little they still are and that is ok.  You only live once! Y.O.L.O!".  


She really put it all in perspective for me.

Thank you Jessica.  

* Y.O.L.O. *

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