Week 24 | Wake Up to Who You Are


Take a photo of something in your home that really speaks to that person inside of you that you haven't been able to set free -- perhaps a piece of artwork that represents being an artist, or a pen if you want to write more or a bowl for pottery inspiration.  Who are you?  Wake up to that beautiful person.  

--Shawn @AA/P52

I remember in High School taking that test that tells you whether you are Right or Left Brained.  I scored right down the middle.  Surely I had to be on one side more than the other…did they have a place for people like me?  What did this mean?  If I'm not right nor left then what am I?

Another test in High School revealed that I would be best suited as a Librarian or a Judge. I do have a collection of books from school and have to sentence patients to a cast for 4-6 weeks on a regular basis.  

And it also happens to be that I am a Libra, the one with scales as its symbol and representation of its desire to stay even, to keep level.  Perhaps since work involves more of my left brain, I crave those activities which will bring equilibrium, hence why most of the pictures represent more right-sided qualities.  

Obviously I couldn't pick just one: creating time and space to cook more; learning to play more than just 3 songs on the guitar; painting again/more; expand on photo taking skills; being outside & exploring our surroundings as a family; creating things for my home that speak to me or represent my family values; push myself with yoga; plant more beauty in my surroundings; read more.

Some of these things I have been able to do more of as this phase of parenthood has brought about more open time (cooking, exercising, reading), but some are relatively new, or suppressed desires of mine that I don't want to loose sight of.  It's unreasonable to think I'll fit all of these in…I do know that… but the thing I think Shawn is helping me to see, is that if I loose sight of the things which have brought me joy or which I feel have the potential to bring me joy, then they might just fade into the distance.  Along with it I may loose out on a part of me, a joyful part of me.  

So…Who Are You, Friend?

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