Week 21 | Working Rest into a Busy Day

Find ways to slow down and just rest.  Breathe.  Sit down or look up.  Something other than rushing.  Something other than doing.  Something other than thinking.  And try to do it long before the children are finally asleep.  Take a photo of that moment you create for yourself this week.  

--Shawn @ AA/P52

One of the girls' favorite things to do these days is to go through the car wash.  They sit in the front seat and we all watch the colorful display of suds and listen to the sound effects of the sprayed water and air against the car.  Since its a treat for them to sit in the front, they take advantage of feeling "big" and play with the seat-belt…but I found my moment of rest in the driver seat this time.  

I didn't have to be anywhere.  

There was no worrying about how much time I had left to get to where I needed to go.  

I didn't have to get told which way to go or asked why that truck is blue or what that sign spells.  

I just sat listening to the girls play and the car wash spray, each creating a rhythm of calm.   

 © Houseman 2013