Week 20 | Trust Yourself


...notice the dreadful, dreary, hurtful moments when you aren't trusting yourself (also known as gremlins, monkey mind, living in fear, doubting yourself, comparing yourself or your way, or when you feel insecure or inferior or lack self-confidence).  And when you notice it happening, repeat my favorite mantra … TRUST. 

--Shawn @ AA|P52

When I first heard Shawn mention the word Trust with respect to parenthood, my brows furrowed a bit at the thought of it.  The notion that it isn't always either right or wrong, how we handle our little humans, was a new perspective for me.  To be able to sit back and TRUST, takes so much pressure off.  Trust that no matter how hard of a day it is, that it will all be okay.  That no matter how much you regret how you handled it, that there will be another chance to get it right.  

I trusted, today, that Hadley screamed "NO!" at me in the middle of a quiet Elementary School (in front of the Kindergarten teacher who just interviewed Maycee), because she was due for a nap.  I trusted that if I helped her get her shoes on rather than holding firm to the fact that she needed to put them on herself, that I would not be taking a huge parent step backwards.  I trusted that it was more important not to create a(nother) scene, and to get her home for her nap.  I trusted that it didn't have to reflect on me as a Mother.  I trusted that it mostly reflected on Hadley, and even then, I trusted that this is how tired 3 year olds act.  And because I trusted myself, I was able to make eye contact with the teacher, and smile with ease rather than with tension.  And she, sympathetically, pleasantly and reassuringly, smiled back at me, and we were able to focus on Maycee once again.  

 © Houseman 2013