Week 2 | Start Where You Are


Take a photo of where you are right now either physically, or on your journey to Stay Awake...overwhelmed with a mess, a project or a major life change. Start where you are. Where are you in your journey of parenting? Where are you in your spiritual journey? Wherever you are, find a way to take a photo that represents that very moment in time.   --Shawn @ AA/P52

I could take several pictures to go with this prompt, with several points in several consecutive days this week where I could Start Where I Was.  A theme I wasn’t sure I understood at first, but made clear sense to me as I went about my day(s). 

But on this particular Monday morning, the sitter was headed to the house to get the girls at 7AM.  I was fairly well prepared, girls were dressed, fed, lunches were packed, and I was ready for work.  She text me that she was running late because of traffic.

Let me digress here a bit.  Our sitter is awesome in so many ways.  She drives all the way from 50 miles away, and is flexible with our schedules which are not always very predictable.  She has been part of our family for over 2 years now, and traffic has changed in those short two years...so when she texts me to say there is bad traffic, I believe it.    

Despite me knowing that I have no control, I must have gotten tense.  Because I swear, it is on mornings like these that some stressful event with the girls prior to my leaving seems to occur.  On this particular Monday, they both had meltdowns over which shoes they were going to wear.  So I left in a hurry, and my oldest stomped away from me, I begged her to come back for a hug.  She had tears in her eyes, I made her look at me so I could tell her I loved her and that her boots were awesome.  My youngest needed my help (not really) getting her shoes on … meanwhile my car was warming up and urging me to hurry up!

I have been noticing the sunrise more.  I think because I am trying to pause more throughout the days.  I think because I am shifting toward enjoying my mornings more, trying to make a change to create some quiet morning moments for myself.  I think because, maybe, this journey of gratitude I’m on is helping me to appreciate the little things...and big things, like the sun...the faithful sun.  So, at the big intersection where I almost always have to stop, I took a deep breath, looked left and saw the sun.  I reminded myself that I have no control over being late.  That I can’t stress about it because it won’t change it.  That it is okay to just BE in the moment, even though it is a late moment.  And the little bit of tension I had in me, dissipated.  If it made no sense to worry about it being a “late” moment, then it could be just another moment.  And I chose to be aware of that moment.  I was starting where I was, with the sun by my side.  

After I got to work, got scrubs on and took another deep breath, I sent a goofy picture of me in my bonnet to my sitter to share with the girls.  It helped me to feel better about our somewhat tense morning.  A goofy picture of the girls was quickly sent back to me, because our sitter is awesome, my girls are awesome.  And then, again, I found myself starting where I was.  

 © Houseman 2013