Week 18 | Pay Attention


Focus on each moment in your day.  A pile of laundry.  A sink of dishes.  Your breakfast.  A hug.  That family activity that you are enjoying.  Just live life and stay awake for it.  Let the rest just happen.  I know, easier said than done but this challenge is meant to stretch you in new ways … to see the beauty in the ordinary. 

--Shawn @ AA|P52

This was a fun week, there is so much to notice.

My coffee in its cup.  Always ready to greet me each day.  Always the same color of coffee with a touch of half and half.  My favorite "H" white mug always my first pick if clean.

The plane in the sky, that Hadley always points out to me, "Yook mom!".  And she rarely misses one, even when it takes a while to match the direction of the sound to its maker.  I love when you find things about your younger child, that is different than your older child, an interest unique to them.

The girls riding their bikes.  It is so fun now that they can ride together.  And they both love it so much.  Their confidence always catches my attention.  The freedom they must feel, the power, the control.  

How Hadz holds Rich's hand.  Hers so small in his.  So natural, for both.

The sun and its rays.  So loyal it is, so persistent.  And today, so hot. 

The snail and its trail.  Its iridescent body, its antennas.  Its beautiful shell.  Its slow and deliberate pace.  It couldn't rush if it had to.  It's not an option.  Imagine that.  

The girls' lunch box.  I fill it so often.  They look in it so often.  I care a lot about what I put in there…while it often feels like a chore to fill, I feel grateful that I can fill it, that I have the ability to help them make healthy choices, that, while I might not know every detail of their day, I know what I provide for them to eat.

Calandrinia spectabilis, or 'Rock Purslane': a Temecula native that I planted for its blooms, in the spring, that shoot from its succulent base, and gives off a color that is almost fake-looking.  I marvel at it every time I see it.  And I make a point to see it every day.

The dew on a spider web, accentuating its strength, its artistic nature, its presence.

The yellow on a leaf of a plant I pass often and never cared much for.  Until I looked at it through my camera lens.  Amazing the contrast in color.  Yellow.  A color I don't think about much.  

My oldest.  How she still furrows her brow in concentration, as she did as a baby.  It never ceases to amaze me how…when they are infants we are so curious and intrigued with the thought of how they will look when they are older.  And then, how when they are older, they look exactly how they should look.  As if we should have known.  She can be so fierce in her concentration, and I love to think where it will take her. 

These balls always catch my attention, ha!  Don't hold it against me.  But they are like jewelry on this otherwise mundane tree.

The velvet petals of flowers I bought at Saturday Market.  Is this the velvet that inspired the fabric?  It's amazing what nature is capable of.  

Smoothie in my blender: My go-to breakfast on most mornings.  Hadz will always drink one with me, May doesn't like them.  Correction, Hadz will suck it down in no time flat.  I'm not good at eating breakfast, so this is something I'm proud of doing, something I do for ME.  

This plant is everywhere in So Cal.  I love its vibrance.

And, my feet.  On mother's day.  In the sand.  These feet have changed.  New bumps.  New form.  These feet do so much for me.  

 © Houseman 2013