Week 17 | Quiet Your Mind


…pick one way to Quiet Your Mind and put it to action.  And, if you're really feeling crazy, try all five!  Let me low how it goes.  Take a photo and link to it.  Blog about it.  Write in the comments.  Or, say and do nothing this week at all about it.  

--Shawn @ AA|P52

The five suggestions that Shawn gives this week for finding quiet in your mind:

1.  Write it out

2.  Walk it out

3.  Breathe it out

4.  Create it out

5.  Zen it out

I've learned, as a Mommy of two very expressive and inquisitive little girls, that sometimes I just need quiet.  That it brings me angst to have more than one question on the back-burner waiting to be answered before I can answer the first…like I'm at Chuck e Cheese's, big foam mallet in hand ready to whack the next groundhog that pops up, but then two pop up, and don't forget that one in the corner, ahhhh I missed it...  

I've learned about myself that I can stew over a thought in my head until, like a toddler chewing on steak, I just plain get fed up and tired of it being there and need to spit it out.  Its taste and flavor { and meaning } had long since been sucked out.   

My kids getting older I've been able to read more, which quiets my mind nicely … until it involves a parenting book that sends my mind reeling about what I could do better or what I've not done well thus far.  

But I've also learned in my readings the power of taking deep breaths, with concentration only on the breath moving in and out of this body that I take so for granted carrying me through this amazing opportunity called life.  Yoga has helped me with this, too.  And on the days when I wake earlier than usual and before the girls get up, for a short 20 minute session … WOW … those mornings almost always run smoothly.  

I've learned that, while I cannot control the chaos that parenting is, I can carve out some quiet time, and that to need that is OKAY.  It is HEALTHY.  It is SANITY. 

I've learned that it is as simple as turning off the thoughts in my head.  Like a switch.  That it seriously can be that easy, but only if I'm conscious that it's happening.  And I've learned that I come to the same conclusions, in much less tortuous form, when I just let happen what was going to happen without my minds relentless opinion of how it should and could and would all play out.  

{ did the situation ever really care what my mind thought about it anyway??? }

Some of the best thoughts are the ones that don't really have words attached to them.  They just exist in their purest form, in that truthful moment.  Nothing more, nothing less, they just are.  Sometimes those quiet, raw realizations, undefined by my brain…are the moments that speak loudest, that say the most.   I have these moments watching my girls navigate their way through life, but only when my head is quiet enough for me to take them in.  And what is best is when I look up and see that my husband took in that same piece of time.   Our mutual glance a beautiful reminder of why we gravitate toward having companions in life, to witness and share the quiet moments.  To describe them--diminishes them, so they are better left undefined, best left in that gap where language lacks the ability to reproduce the power of connection that a brief period of time can create.   These are the moments that reward our practice of quieting our mind, these are the moments that life is all about.

About the photo: This was taken last weekend at the Taste of Temecula.  We happened upon it after dinner in Old Town, and it was a perfectly mind-quiet evening. Listening to live music, watching the girls run around with new-found friends in the grass,  sipping on a couple of local beer samples, sun slowly setting behind the hills...

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