Week 16 | Seek Out Awe


…live in awe, experience awe, seek out awe.  Find new ways to experience your life.  Look at things with a fresh coat of opportunity, of optimism, of beauty.

--Shawn @ AA/P52

Another great post by Shawn!

I thought of so many different situations that fit the qualifications for this post.  Most of it involves nature, and what the girls find in her.   I thought of the pokey round balls  that fall from the trees and scatter the ground at the park where the girls play.  I thought about the ants that we notice time and time again on our 100 Steps walks, the wind we hear in the palm trees that would otherwise go unnoticed without the big leaves acting as amplifiers.  

But for this post, I thought about the picture I captured this morning.

Right outside my kitchen window there is a tree.  It has purple flowers this time of year.  We call it the 'split' tree, because it has a split in the trunk and on several branches, as if one swift wind might split it right in half.   One year several years ago, my dad drew my name for our family Christmas Gift Exchange; he gave me a bird house that has a heart carved in it.  That bird house is a perfect fit for that tree, both a white-grey color, they could be made from the same split tree wood.  It sits such that I can see, from my kitchen window, the bird activity that goes on … especially when I remember to keep it filled with seeds.  

It's fitting that I can see it outside my kitchen window.  The kitchen, where dishes pile up in the sink, where food is spilled, where remnants of meals are left.   The kitchen sink, where I find myself often, mindlessly rinsing and wiping down and cleaning up.  And all it takes, is a glance outside the window, toward that house, for me to pause and watch the business that is a birds life.  I get lost in the hierarchy and order of who is in the house, and who is on the ground, picking up remains.  I see one swoop in while the other isn't looking.  Small birds, medium sized birds, morning doves that come in pairs. 

Two days ago, I saw a flashy bird, new to the Split Tree Community.  His colors were so vibrant, as if drawn out of white, black and caramel colored markers, each color accentuating the other, particularly against the backdrop of the green and purple that the Split Tree brings each spring.  He caught my eye.  I went to grab my camera, water running in the sink, but he was flying away as I returned, his tail of black and white teasing my eye as he flew out of my window frame visibility.  

This morning, I caught him in my lens.  He didn't stay for long, but I look forward to seeing him again, on the branch or in the heart house, on the split tree,  where the green grass grows all around all around, where the green grass grows all around.  

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