Week 15 | Act Like a Child

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This week, we want you to Act like a Child.  Do one of the wonderful things that your child does.  Use this as a good excuse to jump into that ball pit or ride your bike with no hands.  Whatever you do, get a self-portrait of yourself doing it!

--Shawn @ AA/P52

I really loved Shawn's post for this prompt, how she describes a child … really put into perspective the unique ability children have to soak up their world.  Undistracted by stuff, drama, responsibility, head-cloggers.  I found myself in envy of that childish spirit she depicted, and her challenge put it right on my lap as if to say, "Well, then, what's stopping you?". 

So, I took a tip from my youngest. 

Often when I ask her a question, she answers in a goofy voice, eyebrows raised, head tilting from one side to the other.

So, at breakfast, on one morning last week when I was organized and calm enough to just focus on them, I stood at the kitchen counter, they sitting across from me, and, 


acted like Hadz. 

 I can't even remember what I was asked, but I answered, in a goofy voice, eyebrows raised, head bobbing side to side.  The girls stopped eating their breakfast to look at each other and to laugh in unison.  Which only encouraged me.  Like it would a child.  So I changed my accent the second time.  Synchronized laugh followed … 

… I think you get the picture :)

I, however, did not get a picture of myself eyebrows raised, head bobbing side to side.  Sorry.  So I used a pic of my inspiring, goofy, fun-loving, smile-seeking younger daughter.  

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