Week 14 | Honor Your Body


First, create a list of all the wonderful things your body does each day. Then, make a list of 5 things that will help you honor your body this week. Just five things. Each day, find one way to work one of those in until you get through the whole list this week. .

--Shawn @ AA/P52

{ It: } 

Breathes.  Beats.  Sees.  Feels.  Hears.  Touches.  Loves.  Remembers.  Ambulates.  Hugs.  Savors.  Dreams.  Cries.  Absorbs.  Smiles.  Grows.  Changes.  Laughs.  Connects.  Digests.  Sleeps.  Nourishes.  Creates.   Thinks.  Learns.  Lives.  Holds.  Carries.  Radiates.  

{ This week, I will: }

1.  Lights off by 10

2.  Wake early enough to drink my coffee in silence, do yoga, or just listen to my sleeping beauties

3.  Eat breakfast each morning

4.  Spontaneously hug my family

5.  Get outside

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