Tunnel Vision Realizations

They were sitting right up next to me; they were tired, I could tell.  It’s less common now, that they both snuggle up like this, and I soaked it right up.  The movie had finished, and they were nearly admitting that they were ready for bed … and as my youngest spoke in her familiar “what if” theme (posing questions related to the movie but intertwined into her life), it was like her voice started to mute as her mouth still moved and I was taken away by her little facial expressions, coming from her little face and her little self.   Her brain working creatively to make sense of this world, filtered through a 4 year old’s perspective.

And I was hit with the thought: She is still so young.  

It’s so easy to assume she is older, because, well, what I ask of both of them I often assume they both can handle.  She wants to wash the dishes just like big sis did the night before.  She wants to play with the older neighbor girl and prove her ability to “hang” as the youngest of the three.  She is held to the same responsibilities to brush her hair and her teeth in the mornings, and to put her dirty clothes in the hamper, as her older sister.  But for some reason, last night, I was lost in the reality of just how young she still is.  

And as much as I have felt a little bit of ease as they have gotten older, I felt a sense of relief as I absorbed her youthfulness.

The volume turned up again, just in time for the three of us to giggle and wonder, just what that would be like.  

 © Houseman 2013