This Too Shan’t Pass

Siblings arguing.

If you have more than one child I know this strikes a chord with you.  I have gone through a couple phases myself with it and have realized a few things: I can't stop it; I can't control it; I will drive myself crazy trying to be the referee.  

I do believe that we as parents can make sure that they don't do permanent damage to each other, but I'm wondering what works best for you?

I have found lately that helping them explain their feelings to each other seems to  help.  Guiding them to understand that if they keep up their button-pushing behavior, they hurt other people and inevitably end up feeling badly themselves, seems to help as well.  Sleep helps.  Getting outside.  But I'd like to know your tips and tricks.  

I'm learning that this will never really completely go away, it will just go through different phases as the girls go through through different phases.  And trying to control the outcome so that it goes away quickly does not really address anything, does not really help them grow. 

I don't necessarily feel it is bad that they learn to assert themselves in the safety of the house, with us parents around to help guide them through it.  So, then, us parents have to be up for guiding them through it.  Hourly.  Daily.  Weekly.  Yearly.  

"Mom, Maycee is looking out my window".

"Mom, Hadz stuck her tongue out at me".

"Mom, Maycee yooked at me like this (pursed lip, stink eye face)".

"Mom, Hadley isn't taking to me". 

"Mom,, May is touching my car seat". 

"Mom, Hadley is looking at me". 


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