Staycation | Day 5

Leftovers, for breakfast, drenched in gravy; or pumpkin crunch with a complimentary cup of coffee  take your pick.  The kids weren’t as enamored with the breakfast options as the adults were. 

Kids played outside while Daddy washed his truck.

We surprised the kids with a plan that we knew they would approve of: a movie.  But no popcorn/candy nearly wiped out our parent-cool.  An unsolicited “thank you for the movie theater” was heard by the youngest once back in the truck, you know, the one who seemed disinterested in gratitude the day before. 

Home for more more leftovers, or PB&J.

Unicorn puzzle put together more quickly than the time before.

And a family bike ride to top off the day: the hills no longer an issue for the Little Sis, her legs stronger now, her determination inspiring.  Big Sis led the way, streets and pathways she has memorized from rides before.  Her attention to detail, while often difficult to handle as her mother, shines in moments like this.  She led us up the hill and across the busy street, stopping at corners and looking for cars; her grey skirt with rhinestones could be deceiving, or, minimally, a bit confusing for a passerby who might put it together that she is riding her Dad’s BMX bike (and has been since her arms could reach the bars).  She wanted to see cousins first, a quick hello, then back to Big Sis in front.  Pockets of cold air could be felt in the shaded pathways; downhill speeds made Little Sis’ bike shake, the soft turn to the left ahead made me nervous for her, but she handled it without a peep, without defaulting to fear as we have seen in the past.  Little Sis piped up, she wanted to lead. Pink soccer socks rolled down, grey shoes with orange laces, shorts that are getting too short for her long legs, she stood on her pedals and took charge.  She didn’t like anyone threatening her spot up front; she would whine and pout and we would all have to stop to reassure her that we were just crossing the street as quickly as we could, but that she would get to lead again.  What frustration there was that started to build inside me with her whining, gave way to a smile and a good belly giggle, when she took the shortcut through the grass to get back in front again.  Big Sis even turned her head to make eye contact with us as if to say, “wow, did you see that?”.  Whether it be that we didn’t want to hear anymore whining, or that we gained a little well-earned respect for the girl with the pink rolled down socks, we let her lead the rest of the way home.  

Once back in the garage, we pulled out chairs.  Big sis had more energy in her reserve, so we timed her running, cycling and climbing trees … a front-yard triathlon of sorts.  I decided to grab my new sketch pens and paper and work on my christmas gift that I am looking forward to giving, a project which is also providing the exercise for the right side of my brain that I have been craving.  Little Sis whined until we could get her drawing space just right, and Elsa soon had her pink and purple dress.  It made Hubbs happy to have us all in his domain, Iz Pandora Channel adding just the right acoustics to the scene. 


scan 2

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