Staycation | Day 4

I have come to love this holiday.  Music and cooking, turkey and green beans, tweaking recipes from the previous year, keeping other recipes just as they are. Watching roux thicken; the heat releasing smell of lemon, garlic and thyme; the sound of the turkey juices dripping and sizzling in the pan.  The girls flow in and out of the house, bringing the smell of the crisp morning air in with them … at least until it reached the 80s (not cool).  Hubbs knows that keeping them busy is what helps me most.  At about 3:00PM smells collided to form an array of foods to feast upon, and the family was brought together.  The girls delighted in making the table, and while one is still a bit young (or perhaps just uninterested?) to initiate a discussion of gratitude, the other scrambled to make cards for everyone before joining us.  My eyes welled up more than once for what might appear to be no reason at all, but there were plenty.


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