Staycation | Day 2

One rose with her father, early birds catching worms, or, at least some special time together.  5:30 AM was when I rose to join them, with coffee on my mind. The plan was to meet Daddy for lunch near his work, something we rarely get to do anymore with both in school.  We all looked forward to it.

Plans changed a bit when lunch meetings and oil changes took longer than anticipated, but dinner.  We would make it down for sunset and dinner.

Items crossed off my list that were burning a whole through it for the past several (or more!) months. Small victories, huge relief.   

The girls and I walked-scooted our way home from dropping the car for its appointment.  The crisp morning air was nice on my cheeks, the sun would warm it up soon.  They scooted ahead, then waited for me, then scooted ahead, then waited.  I took in the flowers, the smells, the birds, the trees, the girls voices in the near distance. 

Once home, I caught up with my sister on the phone, my nephews in the background made me wish we were together.  The girls played in the front yard as if they owned the street: tree climbing, passerby greeting, chalk art drawing, skateboarding, bicycle riding.

Chores and Thanksgiving decor; shelves were hung and towels were wrung.  The sink doesn’t seem to care that I’m on vacation. 

Then we started to get ready for our date with Daddy; our dry skin soaked up the lotion, our damp hair moussed and blow-dried as a treat.  Silky softness achieved.  So beautiful they are and they don’t even have to try.

We traced our steps for a walk back down to the car, this time with a pep in our step.

My soft recommendation that they consider falling asleep if they wanted on the drive down was met with resistance, “No, I won’t fall asleep; I’m not tired”.  But the lull of the moving car had them in a trance, and I was responsible for getting us there before the sun set with their heavy sleepy sighs trailing right behind me.

We met up with Daddy, and headed straight for the beach, the sky was light enough that I thought we had a chance.

We missed it.  The sun.  

But what it left behind for us was not, in any way, a disappointment. 

We walked in the sand, took it all in, and ended with dinner at a new spot.

It was a very good day.


 © Houseman 2013