Spontaneous Day in San Diego

Rich had to go down to work to get his computer for some work stuff...so we decided to go down as a family and make a day out of it.  Actually, we thought we’d make lunch out of it...and it turned out to be too fun to cut short. Girls fell asleep on the way down, so we were actually able to hold an adult conversation without interruption for about an hour { GASP }.  

Then we got to Seaport Village and found a place to park.  Lots of people watching, magicians, artists, musicians...trying to make a buck on those of us there to shop, eat or people watch.  Perhaps a little on the touristy side, but the girls acted as if it were Disneyland.  You’d think we don’t get them out much.  Maybe that is the truth, 

but I love that the simple things 

make them excited about life.  

I feel lucky to have a place like San Diego near by: close enough to head back home when ready; far enough away to feel like a mini-getaway.  No profound stories here.  But it was a good day for our family.  A simple spontaneous day in San Diego.  

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