Since the 1960’s

My parents came down for Christmas this year, and stayed with my Grandparents at the Beach House.  We went to visit, as it is always easy to do...with the company, the location.  

I distinctly remember the feeling when we first took the girls to the Beach House.  It was probably the first time I really felt the power of a Full-Circle Moment.  And while I have always loved and appreciated the ability to have the Beach House as home to many fantastic memories, I don’t think I fully understood the magnitude of 

family traditions 

until my kids stepped foot on the deck; until they slept in those same twin beds my sister and I slept in; until they played, hours on end, on one of the earth’s fantastic natural playgrounds known as the beach.  The (apparently illegal) spiral staircase; the heavy sliding glass doors; the small kitchen that my Grandma cooked magic in; the deck where we spent most of our time.    

I felt lucky to be there one last time before the remodel.  The time prior, I left wishing I had taken pictures of it, had consciously breathed in it one last time.

And while I remind myself over and over again, that just because it will look different on the outside doesn’t mean that my memories have to change too… I am sad.


I felt the sentiment all grandparents have been going there since their daughters were young as well.  

I look forward to creating many more memories, hopeful that we will still be fortunate enough to continue to go there, continue to create memories.  New memories.  In new walls.  

And the best part of it all is that the people, the company, will be the same. 


 © Houseman 2013