She is a Gift


This post is dedicated to 

Hadley Makana.

She is now three.


This has been a fun year, observing her growth from 24-36 months.  Her personality is developing.  Her legs are straight now, as opposed to those bowed-legs of the twos.  Her hair, still so blonde, is always longer than I think it is.   

{ Some of the special talents she's developed this year }

She can whistle (she'd love to show you!)

She can ride her pedal bike

She can sing in tune

She can dress herself

She can kick a ball with her laces

She knows her colors

She has spectacular goofy-comedic timing

{ How she challenges me }

Her whining.  Must come with the territory of the wants-independence-but-also-wants-to-still-be-babied-2-to-3-transition. 

She is also learning some not-so-pleasant behavior from her older sis, which is challenging for obvious reasons, in a broken-record-kind-of-way.  

{  How she brings me joy }

She still loves to sit on my lap, to cuddle up on the couch with me, comes to my side of the bed in the morning to lay next to me.  

She can show such genuine love and caring for her sister ("May are you okay?" she asked, putting her hand on May's leg while getting her cast on.).  

I love to hear her sing. 

I can still sing You Are My Sunshine to her and that she will relax just as she did as a baby.  

Her eyes are a unique shade of green. 

But I really, REALLY love to watch her run.  I distinctly remember with Maycee, her growing out of that inefficient and adorable running style, where more energy is spent bobbing up and down than moving forward.  And now, to see Hadz running back and forth on our sidewalk, I can tell she is discovering the power and strength of her legs underneath.  She must feel so fast, like she is flying, barely skimming the earth under her feet, blond streaks of hair flowing behind in the resulting graceful turbulence.  It is art in the most basic human form, awesome, beautiful and strong. 


Q&A }

What is your favorite color?  Pink

What is your favorite thing to do?  Painting

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Grow Big

Who is your best friend? Isla

What is your favorite song? Sunshine

What is your favorite book? Buzz Buzz Busy Bees

What is your favorite food?  Noodles

What is your favorite dessert?  Ice Cream

What is your favorite movie?  Lion King

What is your favorite place to car cruise to?  Hobby Lobby

What is your favorite restaurant?  the Bread Store (Great Harvest)

What are your favorite clothes?  Airplane Jammies

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