Serious Squirts

“Mom!  I know what we could do!!”  

Sometimes I find that I’m already saying “no” in my head before I even hear the ideas they have.  On this particular Sunday morning, I was giving too much attention to the head cold that left me feeling like I had a river running between my ears like constant background noise.  Between-ear noise.  My eyebrows furrow a bit remembering the feeling.  But I was aware of my inability to think beyond my head cold.  Aware enough of it to be frustrated that I couldn’t get beyond the grumpies and pretend I didn’t feel crummy.  

So, first my answer was no.  No, we don’t need to go outside when it is 50 degrees and play with water.  

And then I thought, heck.  The between-ear noise can either irritate me inside trying to find things for the girls to do, or it can irritate me outside where the girls have something they KNOW they want to do.  So I told Maycee I changed my mind.  I’m pretty sure the between-ear noise dissipated when I saw how excited they were.  

So, I sat in my lawn chair, in the driveway.  Pulled my car to the street so they had room.  Sat in my pajama bottoms and oversized sweater-robe with a hood over the hat I borrowed from Rich to keep the sun out of my photophobic eyes.  I got my camera.  And a{nother} cup of coffee.  I was good to go.  

Activity and attitude.  

The words I would use to describe the energy going on out there.  They were sleep deprived from the late night prior.  Pretty sure this little excursion ended when I sent Maycee to her room...and she proceeded to stomp to her room so loudly that I could hear it in the garage.  I made it inside in time to hear her say, “What is wrong with Mommmmmmm??”.  And a nap.  For all of us.  Shortly ensued.  

But at least I said yes.  #afterIsaidNo

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