Saturday Market

Old Town Temecula (pronounced by Maycee as Teh-meck-lee-uh) is one of our favorite spots in town.  It’s nothing incredible, but it is not too shabby either.  My favorite antique/refurbished furniture store is there, my hair salon is there, the Temecula Olive Oil Company is there, a couple fun restaurants are there...and there’s live music on the weekends when the weather permits.  

On Saturdays, there is a Market.  Not unlike most Saturday Markets, it has local fresh produce and flowers, and then a little bit of everything else...clothes, food on the grill, salsa, hummus, garlic, hats, wine racks...etc.

We have a few favorites.  Right up front there’s a kettle corn stand that the girls love to frequent.  They pay for a brown bag, get the change, then chomp on their corn as we walk around and produce/people watch.  And then there’s Tom.  Tom has a flower truck, and I always walk around the back to check his flowers out first.  He always tells me the scientific name of the flower that I seem to be eyeing.  He’ll give the girls any flower scraps for them to put in their hair, and he always wraps the flower stems in newspaper.  He just oozes kindness and charm.  I bought some white Ranunculus from him, he said they were a French variety that looked much like a peony.  I love peonies.  Who wouldn’t?  2 bunches please.  

We got some strawberries as well.  

Almost always an hour well spent, and a reason to get outside on a Saturday Morning.  

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