A blurry photo of a clear moment, headed outside to be with the family on this beautiful morning.  

My dirty kitchen caught my eye.  

It made me smile.  

Red sprinkles intended to be on waffles, but at least as much can be found on the counter.  We don’t always get it right, but if we’re close enough, maybe that’s all that matters.  

Dishes in the sink, unaware of whether the dishwasher is dirty or clean. Maybe the details don’t matter so much, maybe something else is more important in that moment. 

Waffle maker dripping with butter, unplugged and cooling down.  Life can be messy, maybe it’s best to let it be.  

Coffee machine blinking blue, our predictable start to the day.  Coffee, the ever-present reminder for me that it is a new day, to get a plan, to create my intention. 

Tulips past their prime, still reaching for the sun.  Even when on the outside we evolve, change, droop and shed, we are still growing, still reaching.

Sticky syrup running down the bottle, cap half-on. Good stuff is hard to contain.

And the heart in the center of it all, reminding me that we live here.  We love here; the mess is proof of that. 

 © Houseman 2013