World Cup is Life

Here are some of the phrases that have come to mind as I watch World Cup this year, thought it would be fun to keep adding to the list as the tournament continues.  

What would you add to this list??

  • You can practice and practice and practice your skill and still fail to win.
  • You can be really talented, and still make mistakes.
  • Whining begets more whining. 
  • That the ability to move past the mistake gives you the opportunity to arrive back at your maximum potential.
  • That your style will thrive in some situations, and fall apart in others.
  • That being fake is really unattractive; and conversely, being modest and stoic will always be seen.
  • A beautiful pass is made so when someone else receives it.
  • Sometimes it is enough to just hang on with all your might.
  • Moving forward is tough without a sturdy base behind you.
  • All it takes is one breakaway, one opportunity.
  • Sometimes it pays to be lucky.
  • Biting, no matter the age of the offender, will be met with consequences. 
  • You can’t get too comfortable with the lead.
  • You can dominate the game and lose.


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