Phases Conquered

Phases seem to storm into our lives, throw us for a complete loop, make us re-think everything we've done prior, and lead us to doubt what has worked in the past.  

And yet they leave so quietly.

  • No party to throw that she doesn't bite any more.  
  • No big announcements that she decided not to yell anymore, just for kicks, at Target (and only Target).  
  • No sitting me down to explain that this whining thing she does in order to try and get my help is, in fact, just to get my attention and she won't do it any more…because, really she can do it all by herself.  
  • Not even a whisper that, Mom, this is gonna be the last time I put you through that thing that I do … so lets savour it!

So much attention is given to a new phase as it enters our life.  When you think back to all that you've "gotten through" isn't it pretty amazing what can be listed on your resume under Phases Conquered Section?   But just like no one tells us when the phase is phasing out, no one asks us for our List of Phases Conquered.

We wish that these phases will go away; but they have their own life-span.  Predetermined by human nature, I suppose.  Perhaps provoked and/or tamed with what's happening in their environment.  But what is the lesson in us not being able to celebrate their passing?  

I'm going to try to be more appreciative of the phases we got through.  Make a conscious effort with my glass of wine, or my cup of coffee, to make a toast to my husband about a hair-pulling phase we made it through together.  

And if you think to do the same, share with me what you got through … lets be each other's patter-on-the-back.

 © Houseman 2013