Peaceful Rain

This post is dedicated to

Mayson Uala'i 

She is now five.


This has been a big year for Mayson.  She is now in Kindergarten, she started soccer: I was a bit concerned about how she would handle these big schedule changes all in one summer, but, as she tends to do, she proved to handle it all just fine.  She is tall and strong; and we still haven't figured out whose feet she has!   

{ Some of the special talents she's developed this year }

She draws amazing rainbows

She knows how to make others feel special, adults and kids alike

She has learned the importance of quiet time for her soul

She has initiated interest in helping around the house

She continues to dress herself in eclectic yet surprisingly stylish clothing combinations

She is learning how to read (boy is this the coolest thing for a parent to witness!)

She can pour her own juice in the morning

{ How she challenges me }

She is strong willed and independent, and the biggest way this challenges me is when she wants to help me with something that I should let her do, but just want to get  done myself.  I always find that when I give her things to do all by herself, the gleam that beams from  her is totally worth it.  

She is persistent, pays attention to details and doesn't miss a thing.  I recognize these are good characteristics to foster, but it means I better follow through with that thing I said I'd do, or have a worthwhile explanation as to why not.

{ How she brings me joy }

One-on-one time with her is always a joy.  She is like a little lady now, with her own 5 years worth of life experiences, she is interesting to talk with and always brings a perspective to the conversation that opens my eyes and my heart.   

Watching her play soccer has brought me more joy than I had imagined possible.  

She has awesome taste in {adult} music. 

She loves school, loves to learn.  

Her eyes are beautiful reddish-brown, and are so big on her petite-featured face.  I swear when she smiles, her eyes grow even bigger. 



{ Q&A }

What is your favorite color?  Rainbow

What is your favorite thing to do?  do  loops with Daddy

What do you want to be when you grow up?  be a princess

Who is your best friend? Gavin, Sophia, Catherine, Olivia

What is your favorite song? Puff the Magic Dragon

What is your favorite book? Emeraldilicious

What is your favorite food?  Hamburgers

What is your favorite dessert?  S'mores and Marshmallows

What is your favorite movie?  Epic

What is your favorite place to car cruise to?  Albertson's (for Starbucks hot chocolate)

What is your favorite restaurant?  Rebbin Robbin (Red Robin)

What are your favorite clothes?  my long dress from Auntie

What are your goals before you turn 6?  go to the park by myself.

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