Nothing More, Nothing Less

One came over to find her place under my left shoulder.

She has always been good at finding this place.

But she feels bigger now, long.  

Her legs are out of my reach and her arm reaches far beyond my chest.

The other one was next to me, but in her own space.

I reached for her hand: she took it; I smiled.

Her hand was warm, and a bit grimy from the day she had of climbing trees and eating popcorn.

I took it in, its broad strong shape; her calluses and painted nails.


I got to meet my new niece two days ago.

I was aware of my own wondering, 

if seeing her, if holding her, was going to cause me to want to go back on my word.

“No, we are done.”

“Two is plenty!”

I checked in with myself as I held her.


Simple, sweet joy, was what I felt.  

Nothing more, nothing less.


We fell asleep like this, after the Movie-Night-With-Popcorn was done.

Although my eyes were heavy,

they stayed awake long enough to see their sleeping bodies,

the tide of their breath,

like a soothing ocean rhythm.

I checked in with myself.


Simple, sweet joy.

I need nothing more, nothing less.

 © Houseman 2013