Not-So-Dirty Cup

As I stood before the kitchen sink, it dawned on me that the cup that I used to drink water from was about to take on the filth and grime of the dishes soaking in the kitchen sink.  I was about to make it dirtier by putting it in the sink than it was in my hands.  I consciously placed it in the sink anyway, half expecting a voice to say, “you just gave yourself more work to do later, genius”.  

Not too long ago it was recommended that I write my list of worries down, they were bogging me down, cluttering me up.  I thought they’d fill up 4 pages; they filled .5 of one.  When written for me to see, I realized that there really wasn’t that much on my mind, that my inner reaction to each one was bearable, whereas the reaction to the collective bunch felt overwhelming.  

Maybe if we could treat our worries like that not-so-dirty cup … we feel it, we hold it, we care for it, then we could wash it and rinse it and put it away … then maybe we wouldn’t reach that place of a full-kitchen-sink overwhelm.  


Hopefully our dishwasher is finally fixed.  

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