Mirror, Mirror

The girls are very capable of exhibiting a wide range of emotions: happy, sad, angry, goofy, frustrated, silly.

But put them in front of a mirror, and boy do those emotions become amplified. Volume turned up.  Crescendo.  Dramatized.  Encore!

Goofy gets goofier.

Mad gets madder.

Frustrated gets frustrated-er.

Surprised gets … 

There must be a phenomenon to describe this.  Such curiosity, such acting, such dramatization deserves a title.  And it seems like we are always having to pull them away from a mirror so that they won't be as distracted … by that person in the mirror.  I wonder if they don't really recognize who that person is?  They don't see her talk all the time, so it must be interesting to see her, with all of her facial expressions, as the words come out of her mouth … a voice so familiar but a face not as much.  Who knows.  But it is a phenomenon. 


 © Houseman 2013