Lit Up By It

Bellies full, bodies antsy.  

It was time to expend some energy and the outside air, cooling nicely from a warm day, seemed to invite us outside.

Socks, shoes, helmets adorned.

We were off, to find some dirt.

We rode right by the movie night in the park that the girls didn’t behave well enough to go to; they didn’t even notice.

We passed the point where we’ve turned around before.

And we kept on riding.

We hooped and hollered down the hills, “woohoo”.

We encouraged each other going up them.

When they thought about quitting a boost was given to renew their ambition.  Seeing their grit was a gift.

The air blew by me as I sat still on my bike.

As did the smell of jasmine.

And that of recycled irrigation water.

More downhill “woohoo”s.

We found our dirt, and avoided horse manure.

The foreground kept us shaded by the setting sun while the background was lit up by it.

A lizard skirted across the warm cement ahead.

The second one sparked a conversation.

The waxing crescent moon greeted my upward gaze.

Two cotton tail rabbits hopped onto the grass from the bush. 

The green-turned-yellow traffic light matched exactly the color of the sky behind it, as if they weren’t lights at all but instead empyrean looking-holes.

Hands waved to give thanks to the cars for stopping, and then they were given just because. 

Sound muffled until we stopped to regroup, as if the volume dial turned up to bring life back up to speed: their smiles, their narration of what they saw and that hill they just mustered their way up, how they wanted to keep going, how they felt tired.

It was a family feat, our longest ride together.

It was awesome. 

 © Houseman 2013