Jack and Lulu


Maycee created Jack and Lulu before Hadley was born.  Hadley adopted them as her friends too, once she was old enough to know them, become friends with them, talk to them and understand them.

I remember the day it hit me sideways that -- they have imaginary friends --  some 3 years after their creation.  I had't yet titled them that way, but they were,

by definition, 

exactly that. 

What is interesting, however, is that once I acknowledged that to be the truth, I instantly felt like maybe I should read up on what that means.  Could it be that they are creating something out of a lack of something that I'm not giving them, teaching them, stimulating them with?  That Jack and Lulu's personalities correlate to some kind of secret code that would give some profound insight as to what my girls are going through in their world?  

Thank goodness for the other side of my brain that told me that they are FRIENDS.  Imaginary FRIENDS.  For goodness sakes: just roll with it.  

Besides, I know them quite well:

They are little - they fit into the girls' purses, in the palms of their hands, in their pockets.  They get passed from one sister to the other, and never seem to get dropped.  Occasionally they almost get sucked out of the open window while the car is moving.  In fact, I think Jack jumped out once, and I had to reassure them that he knew the way home. 

Jack gets into trouble a lot.  He says bad words like BUTT and STUPID.  He frustrates the girls because he doesn't listen, he gets sent to his room.  I've had to step in at times to tell the girls that they need to tell Jack to go home because he isn't playing nicely.  

Lulu seems more quiet.  She's the one the girls have to find, she seems to get lost easily.  She's usually a hot-wheel-ride-around-the-corner away, on the side of the house needing to be picked up and dropped of somewhere else.  

It is something they share, as sisters.  Something magical only they know about (well, and now you).  I'm sure there are parallels that have to do with their own reality: that the trouble Jack gets into might be their way of testing the waters of life; that they are taking in my response and my advice when they tell me the Tattle Tales of Jack and Lulu.  I'm sure they have reacted to Jack's misbehavior much like how I've reacted to theirs.  Sometimes thats a mirror I need to look into more often; other times I'm affirmed that they 'get it' more than I give them credit for.

So, this time, I am choosing to go with the flow of what they've created, and I'm choosing to let them keep it as theirs.  For me to research it, for me to personalize it, makes it mine.  And while I'd love for Jack to call into work "sick" on a Monday every so often when the weekend didn't seem long enough, and while I wish Lulu would need me to find her in the back yard, in such urgency that the dishes, the laundry, the floors had to wait … I think it's better if I just enjoy this view from the outside.  To let it be what it is.  To enjoy it for what it is.  To let it be theirs.

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. 

 --Roald Dahl

 © Houseman 2013