I’m Bored

It’s 7:02PM already, on Sunday.  

As I reflect on this day, I wonder, as I have before … ”what will the girls remember about this/these day(s)?”.  

The occasional breeze that tempered the warm stagnant air in the house on this 90+ degree day?  

The fun they managed to have in the too-small kiddie pool?

The frustration they felt when none of the play options that our house provides, were “fun” enough for them.

The soccer that was on for approximately 90+6 minutes this morning … and the yelling at the TV that occurred during this time?

The berries they ate at the table on the patio?  

Being sent to her room for biting her sister?

The bite marks that were left sorely behind?

The turkey wraps they didn’t like?

The friend from down the street that validated that their bedroom is “beautiful” (to their disbelief)?

The swimsuits they wore all day long?

The reprieve from the heat with a nap in the air conditioning?

The smell of clean laundry?

The fact that we said “No" to the neighborhood pool today?

The smell of BBQ steaks out front and the scalloped potatoes inside?

Each getting a turn at spraying Daddy with the hose?

The other “No” they received in response to “Can we go out to breakfast?”

The funny faces that they took pictures of and misconstrued on Dadda’s iPad … and laughed and laughed and laughed.

The art she drew, with text alongside the picture, that was mysteriously tossed from upstairs from where a 5 year old girl sat frustrated with the way the day wasn't going.  

Ice cream for dessert (Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip—it deserves to be noted).

(Far-from-reach-) Candle-lit bath time?

I had a productive day today; I got a lot done around the house that has been staring at me for some time.  The junk drawer is organized.  The school paperwork and art is tucked nicely into one of two labeled bins. The laundry is done and the sink is (almost) dish-less ... op, wait, not anymore.  And while they pulled the “bored” card several times today, I reminded myself that these days are so FULL.  There is so much for them to take in, so much for them to get out of these “boring” days, so much life packed in 24 hours. 

 © Houseman 2013