Hallway to My Heart

The picture wall is something I’ve been working on for...well...2 years now.  It has been a mixed-emotion project for me.  I had so many frames with no home, so many great pictures to display and walls with no life and no creative inspiration from their owner to give them a little love.  The idea was there, but the “where to start” was really starting to get me down.

And then, the indecisiveness. Should it be a wall of just May and Boo?  Cousins?  Which ages should I do?  Should I try to keep all the frames the same?  Or just paint them when they’re all done? 

So.  As sometimes is the case with me and my Libra ways, it is often just better to start doing rather than thinking about doing.  So I DID.  

I just started on the upper left corner, filled in the spaces with frames I already had...got some big frames for the big pics I had and adored (shout out to Heather, lovely person and fantastic photographer)...and I just kept going.  Slowly.  Over 2 years.  Though the final vision was my driving force to keep me excited about it, it was a constant reminder and symbol of just another thing that was “half-done”.  

And then over Christmas Vacation, I made it my mission to finish it.  I was relieved and bummed at how little time it really took me to complete.  But mostly proud and awed at the final product.  

I decided to keep it just the girls.  Decided to keep it to the infant/baby/toddler years (so that I don’t put myself in a position to keep it updated).  Decided to keep the frames random and with no color theme in mind...I felt the theme of their individual spirits and their sisterhood was the most important thing to display, and I think it did the job.  But I am so pleased with how it turned out. 

 © Houseman 2013