Rich has been racing at Fontana (Fontucki) since roughly 1998.  Regional-level, and occasional national-level races are held there.  It’s about 50 miles north, on the 15 from Temecula, east on the 60, then you head into a residential neighborhood that you might not necessarily want to claim your own.  It isn’t the worst part of town, but not the best either.  You would likely wonder where on the earth there is a mountain worthy of holding a mountain bike race as you stop and go through several stop signs in the 30 mph residential zones.  And then...there it is.  A hill, really.  But it draws a pretty good crowd.

I remember going to watch Rich before having kids.  Rich’s family had motorhomes where we could hang out during the day.  I got to hang with my nephews when they were much younger; I took my books and suture material while in PA school.  And then kids came.  Maycee was quite a hit at the races, since Rich was a hit too ;).  Then Hadley came, then they came with their own bikes, started racing kids races, etc.  Full-circle-type-stuff for the Team Houseman Racing Family. 

Subsequent years have been hit-and-miss in terms of the girls and I making it.  But each year gets easier, as they become more independent.  But one thing is for certain, no matter how rough of a morning it can be to get the girls packed and ready for a day in the dirt, they are always happy to hang out there.  To be around bikes.  To be around Daddy.  To be around family.  

And a shower never feels better once home.   

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