Daddy’s Home Soon

Thursday means that Friday is next.  

Friday means work from home (Rich) or half day office (Hillary).

So about 4PM on Friday, we are officially on freakin-weekend (affectionately titled by the girls) status.  It is a fairly easy line to draw, then, from Thursday to freakin-weekend.  So, I like Thursdays.

We were hangin out front with about an hour until Rich got home.  The girls wanted to draw with chalk.  I usually contribute a little something to their art.  Lazily.  I sit in one spot, where I can reach the chalk, and  draw something at my side, and have gotten away with the girls being impressed with my effort.

But I figured I gotta show them I know how to hang sometimes.

So our sidewalk art was dedicated to Daddy coming home.  Big bubble letters, junior high style: 

This spot 

is 4 


I think May was impressed.  She started to color in the letters.  

Then I added a little quote from each of them about Daddy…

May said, 

"Daddy is awesome".

Hadz said, 

"I love the street".

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