Awe Seekers

Despite all the energy

Despite all the noise

Despite all the crumbs

and the spills and the toys

Despite all the questions

Despite all the whines

Despite all the fights 

and the yelling, “that’s mine!"

They’re just living their days

As they best know how

seeking out all the awe

that is found in the now.

I came downstairs the other night, after putting them to bed; even on days gone well I feel a little excitement about the quiet and the ability to finish full sentences with my husband in the remaining few hours of the day.  And as I approached the family room, I could only stop and smile at the arrangement of little friends who were either sleeping or pretending to sleep on the couch.  I couldn’t help but to be reminded that kids are only doing what they do best: living in every single moment of their days.  

 © Houseman 2013