100 Steps

As part of the Abundant Mama group, we were encouraged to take 100 steps toward Abundance (an assignment created by Shawn Fink and Beryl Ayn Young).  It was a fun, simple activity, that I thought was worth sharing.  It also involved a camera, so I readily grabbed mine from my bag, got the girls in sweatshirts and we headed out.  At the 100 Step mark, we marked it with leaves.  The assignment was to then sit and take in your surroundings, “smell the roses, find beauty in the ordinary”.  So that my girls could appreciate it, I modified it a little.  

So we sat down and took in all that our senses could see, hear, smell, touch or taste (interesting answers on the last one!).  Then we took our time walking home, noticing the little things that stood out to us on our 100 steps.  It was a great start to our day together.  

We have since made a habit of it, and it's the perfect way to get outdoors on a weekend morning.  

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