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Regarding Sip & Chat:

I have been brainstorming about Sip & Chat for some time, and decided to make it happen after drinking some liquid inspiration.  

I believe we all have amazing stories to tell, and I think we can find inspiration, comfort, connection, renewed ambition, understanding, compassion, empathy and enlightenment in each other's words.  Big things and every-day things alike. 

In sharing your truth, you hold the power to help others in their own personal journey, you help us understand, with greater empathy, a perspective of life different than our own. 


Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eye for an instant?

-Henry David Thoreau

Some potential topics: 

* a business venture that pushed your personal and/or creative boundaries * a fear you overcame * a deeply personal or spiritual experience * postpartum depression as experienced by you * a unique parenting circumstance that you want to share your perspective/enlighten others on * a cause you fight for that stirs up a passion you can't withhold * a parenting mistake you learned from that you think you can save others from making * a seemingly every-day occurrence that, one day, had a profound effect on you * a blog-worthy story with no blog to put it on * a moment of vulnerability that taught you something about yourself *


So, contact me if you think you want to share your story.  Or contact me if you want to nominate someone else to tell their story.

The only requirements are: you must be willing to work with a novice interviewer; you must be willing to be open and truthful; you must have something to sip on; the topic must be something that enriched you as a person and thus as a parent.  

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