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On one of the most personally spiritual and amazing trips of my life, I was asked to share one word to describe the moment.  Standing hand in hand with at least 3 generations of family, when my turn came to explain my connection to the past and my link to the future, my word to describe the moment was grounded.    So, in the shortest way I can explain it,  


are the two best images that I feel represent me and the roots that ground me.  

Pinecones for my school years in the Pacific NW: playing soccer in the rain (you can insert “in the rain” at the end of each of the remaining); drinking Starbucks coffee; vacationing in Sunriver; snow fun at Mt. Hood; best friends from elementary school (and onward); MVHS Go Thunder; boyfriend-turned-hubby; Bellingham WWU; fresh air and green everything. 

Pineapples because I have always loved them, the way they taste, the way they look, what they symbolize.  And for the part of me that is Hawaiian, though small-part, it is strong and fragrant in my family roots.  A recent trip to Hawaii renewed my pineapple spirit, details of which I’ll save for another time.   


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