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This blog was created out of my love of photography, my need to rehash and sort the moments of life via written words, my desire to connect with other parents and my commitment to living, telling and seeking the truth. 



The things I desire for this blog to be about: naturally, with me as the author it will be about my life via my perspective (sorry!); it will be about the good, the bad, the truth; it will be a way for me to share the little things, the daily things, the MOMENTS, with my friends and family; and it will be a way for me to put into “print” the things of my life that bring me joy and inspiration , enlightment or a chance to grow -- for purpose of documenting, learning, journaling, sharing, and reliving.  And maybe, just maybe, as I write about my truths, they will find host in someone else who then can share their version of that truth with another.  


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